Arcade Legacy -

Awesome Arcade in the Cincinnati area.  Featured in Episode 8 of Mondo Cool TV this flat rate $10 for a day pass arcade has a large selection of free to play cabs, new games added all the time and a used game store in the front makes for a great place to spend a day with friends or family.

662 Cincinnati Mills Dr.
Cincinnati, OH 45240

Clarkade -

This newer arcade hosts an awesome collection of cabinets and a sizable console area.  All the games for sale can be played.  Not sure about this place?  There's a $1 for 10 minutes of play time option perfect for testing the waters.

937 949-7354
5124 Brandt Pike
Huber Heights, OH 45424

Frankenstein's Tower -

This is a local legend in the Dayton Area.  Was it built during the Civil War?  Were Time Travelling Nazi's stationed here in the year 1142?  Watch the pilot episode of MCTV to find out the real story and the legend of it's haunting.

Hills and Dale Metro Park
Kettering OH

Game Swap -

Game Swap is a large, friendly, used game store.  Things that caught my eye were the music room, large Laserdisc section, the CED section which is just unheard of and the BOX OF PORN (not sure if they still have this).  They sell local music, dvds and other oddities.

937 293 8000
2294 E Dorothy Ln
Kettering OH 45420

Need More Comics and Toys -

The first interview I filmed for season 1 of Mondo Cool TV.  This guy was very friendly and accommodating.  If I were in the market for comic books, toys or used games this would be the first place I look.

937 424 7212
5571 Old Troy Pike 
Huber Heights OH 45424

Toy Fan Addict -

Awesome toy store.  Every time you turn a corner you will nostalgia hard and see a slice of your childhood.  Has a small selection of video games.  

937 247 9925
1178 E Dixie Dr
West Carrollton OH 45449